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Conference | Event

Bring your personal occasion to us with confidence – we will turn it into an event!
We can do ceremonial, casual, business and also very private …
in any case an event exclusively for you!

Event management
Tina Zitt

…has headed the event team since 2022. She sees countless opportunities for guest events in our two hotels and the four associated restaurants. A repertoire of possible combinations that can hardly be exhausted.

My aim is to respond to every request and fulfill every wish.
It is important to me to ensure that every guest has an unforgettable stay.


Tina Zitt

Tina Zitt

Event management

…has been with the company since 2022 and has been head of the event team ever since.

She certainly seems to like hustle and bustle, because when she’s not at Ketschauer Hof, her dog keeps her busy at home.

I love my event team. Everyone has their strengths, and together we are just incredibly good!

Lena Aschenbrenner

Lena Aschenbrenner

Event manager

has been part of the team since 2023 and, together with Cilja Weil, takes care of incoming inquiries regarding “dream weddings”. The initial meeting with our Managing Director and our HR officer gave her a good feeling about starting with us right from the start.

As a “car nut”, she spends a good time with her partner at car meetings at the Hockenheimring. Or you can meet them in the hobby workshop where they beautify their cars.

Breathing is necessary for life. And then there are those intense moments that take our breath away. That's life for me!

Jeanette Klein

Jeannette Klein

Event manager 

…has been part of the event office since 2022 and since then has primarily managed large conference events in both buildings.
After 20 years on the job, she feels she has finally “arrived” in her professional life with us, she says. Here she has the opportunity to work part-time and can therefore ideally combine family and career.
That gives her a good feeling.

I enjoy coming to our company every morning. I receive appreciation from all sides here: from colleagues and guests. I am looking forward to the next 20 years in this working atmosphere!

Cilja Weil

Dual student Event management

…since 2022 we have had a dual student in the company for the first time and are fulfilling the practical part of her studies in Tourism & Event Management.

She quickly familiarized herself with a wide range of event tasks. The head of department prefers to use them for wedding requests – she obviously has a knack for that.

I am very grateful that I can already take on so much responsibility as a student. Here I can gain an incredible amount of practical experience in addition to the theoretical part of my studies. How enriching for me!

Anna Jedro

Trainee event manager

…started her apprenticeship with us in 2021, has already worked in various departments and experienced a lot of variety there. The focus of her training is on the event sector.
In her free time, even after two years, she still explores beautiful corners of the Palatinate. Preferably with friends over a glass of wine or on a walk through the vineyards.

Our company is highly regarded throughout the industry. My training here will open many doors for me later on. This perspective means a lot to me for my career.