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We look back on tradition and history with pride..

The roots go back a long time. The boundaries of the Ketschauer Hof estate were first documented in the middle of the 14th century, when the noble Enggaß family moved their seat to Deidesheim. Anna von Enggaß fell in love and married Johann Schliederer von Lachen. Two relics from the Schliederer era are literally carved in stone and can still be admired today: a stone slab commemorating Arnold Schliederer von Lachen to the side of the terrace of our restaurant 1718 and a sandstone inset with the Schliederer coat of arms to the left at the southern gate of the estate. 

The estate was severely damaged during the Thirty Years’ War (1618-1648) and later by French troops during the War of the Palatinate Succession (1688-1697). Reconstruction took a long time and the property finally passed to the barons of Ketschau in 1716 after family disputes. They had the present manor house rebuilt in the years 1770-1772 by the Electoral Palatinate court architect Franz Rabaliatti in the simple, elegant Baroque style. Elector Karl Theodor from the Palatinate and his wife as well as the Prince-Bishop of Speyer attended the inauguration celebrations in Deidesheim.

The French Revolution (1789-1799) also left its mark on the Ketschauer Hof, and the estate was repeatedly severely damaged. In 1815, the remains became the property of the Deidesheim winegrower Andreas Jordan (1775-1848), whose father, Peter Jordan, had immigrated to the Palatinate from Savoy 1718 and who was a documented vineyard owner in Deidesheim as early as 1718. Andreas Jordan took on the reconstruction of the estate and had it rebuilt on the old foundations. The entrance for carts and the entrance to the manor house were moved to the north, directly opposite today’s Winery Geheimer Rat Dr. von Bassermann-Jordan.

In 1849, the stately manor house was remodelled and extended by the Koblenz architect Hermann Nebel. This architectural appearance seems to have been lovingly preserved and carefully “frozen” to this day.. A painting by Nicolaus Berkhout showing the Ketschauer Hof in 1876 hangs in the entrance area, so please come and have a look!

The entire estate has been privately owned since 2002. After extensive restoration and remodelling work, based on old records,
the gourmet restaurant L.A Jordan (awarded 2 Michelin stars** since April 2023) and the restaurant 1718 were opened in 2006
 followed by the opening of the luxury boutique hotel in 2009. Since then, the entire ensemble of this tranquil gem in Deidesheim has been fully restored and is operated by Ketschauer Hof – Hotel & Restaurant GmbH. It now also includes the Hotel Kaisergarten with its Restaurant Riva, which is just a short walk away, as well as the neighbouring Restaurant Sushi B. (located in the winery Reichsrat von Buhl).