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Hiking & Stopping off

from Bad Dürkheim

A circular hiking trail to Michaeliskappe, through the vines, via the Spielberg and on to the Roman villa “Weilberg”. A varied tour with lots to see!


In Bad Dürkheim, it is best to park in the Wurstmarkt parking lot (this is also where the famous Dürkheim giant barrel is located).

You start the hike from the Wurstmarkt and walk to the Wurstmarkt roundabout. Turn left after the Agip petrol station at the winery Lang and follow the stairs to the chapel Michaeliskapelle.
Barrier-free alternative: Turn into Sachsenhütter Straße before the Agip petrol station. At the end of the road, turn right up into the vineyards to the small crossroads surrounded by dry stone walls. (You can take a detour to the right up to the chapel on Michelsberg, where the stairway also ends).

From the chapel you come to a crossroads surrounded by dry stone walls, here you walk straight ahead slightly uphill. The logo takes you pass the Römerkelter wine press, immediately after the press you turn left uphill to the Rebmuseum. At the end, turn right to the Roman winery Weilberg. After the tour, follow the logo through the noble wine village of Ungstein. Keep right and pass the winery Wolf and onto Spielbergweg. Follow this wonderful path along the ridge of the Spielberg until it rejoins the wine route. Continue straight ahead and turn right into the vineyards.

At the winery Pfeffingen turn right and follow the path slightly uphill to the crossroads. Straight ahead it leads to the first houses. Here you turn immediately left into Sachsenhütter Straße. At the end of the street, cross Weinstraße Nord and return to the start, Wurstmarktplatz. At the end of the street, cross Weinstraße Nord and return to the start, Wurstmarktplatz.

Tour details
Difficulty: easy
Distance: 5.9 km
Duration: 1.35 h

Hiking map