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Restaurant L.A. Jordan

Our L.A. Jordan** is the right place for those who value a pleasant, elegant atmosphere in the restaurant just as much as exceptional gourmet cuisine. A seat in our classic restaurant or in the winter garden with its colorful designer wall lets you arrive and sit back and relax.
There are no stiff conventions and outdated rituals here, we are rather unagitated and concentrate on unquestionable quality – in the kitchen and service.
While Executive Chef Daniel Schimkowitsch spoils you with a menu of fish, shellfish and meat of the highest quality, you can feel as if you are the guest of friends.
How to spend an evening at L.A. Jordan** – the first 2-star restaurant on the Wine Route!

The L.A. Jordan team is happy to take reservations for 5 or more people in person.
Write an e-mail to

L.A. Jordan Lounge

You have to see it! The L.A. Jordan presents itself in a new look with its lounge**

Instead of a table for two or four in the restaurant, the long table in the lounge with elegant bar stools on each side offers its own advantages. Instead of the chef’s menu, you can choose individual dishes from the exclusive menu and put together your own starters, intermediate courses and snacks.

Take a seat at our table and enjoy a casual, communicative evening together with other gourmets and plenty of good, evening-long conversation.

The L.A. Jordan team is happy to take reservations for 5 or more people in person.
Write an e-mail to

Lounge L.A. Jordan

Opening hours 2024

Wed to Sat | 18.30-22 h
last seating 7.30 pm | restaurant closes at midnight
or for the lounge last seating 9.00 pm | lounge closes at midnight

Special opening/rest periods for 2024
August 11-28, 2024 | Company vacations
October 20-29, 2024 | Company vacations
December 24-26, 2024 | Company vacations

Due to our hygiene standards, dogs are not permitted.
We kindly ask for your understanding.

E-charging stations
Charging stations for your electric vehicle are available in our hotel parking lot – 50 cents per kWh.

L.A. Jordan Shuttle

Within a radius of 30 kilometers, our chauffeur takes our restaurant guests home – comfortably and free of charge.

If you book in advance (at least 3 days in advance), our shuttle service is available on Wednesdays and Thursdays to pick you up and take you home.

On Fridays and Saturdays, we only offer our shuttle service for trips home between 10.30 pm and 1.30 am and subject to availability.
We kindly ask for your understanding that a binding reservation at the weekend cannot be guaranteed due to its great popularity.

Registration via info@ketschauer-hof.com

Fairness & sustainability

If you are unable to keep your reservation, please inform us in good time.

We see it as our duty to plan our purchases of fresh produce from all over the world precisely , to make our contribution to sustainability. We avoid unnecessary logistics and food waste.

Please understand that we charge a cancellation fee of 150,- € p.p. for cancelations 3 days or less before the restaurant visit as well as for no-shows.

In the lounge we charge a cancellation fee of 75,- € p.p. for cancellations 2 days before the visit or less as well as for no-shows.

Every day L.A. Jordan menu with
5 courses
| 205,- € p.P
6 courses
| 225,- € p.P.
7 courses
| 245,- € p.P.


Wednesday and Thursday
additional surprise menu with 4 courses | 155,- € p.p.
only on advance booking and subject to availability –

Our menu concept is based on the high-end gourmet products fish, shellfish, crustaceans and meat.
For this reason, we do not serve fish-free menus or vegetarian or vegan menus.We can take allergies and intolerances into consideration to a limited extent.


On request our sommelier a matching wine accompaniment
to the 5-course
menu |
for the 6-course menu | 120,- € p.P.
for the 7-course menu | 130,- € p.P.
for the surprise menu | 80,- €

Choose from the exclusive menu as you wish.

We would like to thank you for our recent renovation and remodeling work in the interior:


Since Daniel Schimkowitsch started working at the L.A. Jordan restaurant in 2014, his creative culinary workshop has been THE figurehead in the region for new, dynamic, young gourmet cuisine.
Awards such as 4 red toques Gault & Millau and
9.5 pans at Gusto have long adorned the door of the restaurant.
But that’s not all: in spring 2023, the charismatic Munich native was awarded his second Michelin star.

Tatsuya Shimizu

2019 is his decisive year!
The restaurant guide Gault & Millau named him“Pâtissier of the Year“. And shortly afterwards The Frankfurt-born chef joined star chef Hans Stefan Steinheuer’s restaurant L.A. Jordan in Heppingen. Since then, he has spoiled his guests with tonka beans, sticky rice and fine pralines to round off the menu. Indescribable, the work of art on the plate “as if painted”.

His grandfather had a great influence on his penchant for sweets. He owned a large supermarket near Tokyo, and they sold a lot of home-baked cakes and other desserts…

Restaurant management Lea Wolf

After previous renowned stations such as Budersand | Sylt, Tannenhof | St. Anton or the Burg Vital Resort | Lech… she came to the Palatinate to stay, she says with a smile.

The Paderborn native has been welcoming guests to the L.A. Jordan restaurant since 2021. Charming and discreet in nature. She also has a keen sense for guests and an experienced all-round view of situational details.

“It is important to me that our guests feel free and comfortable. As if they were visiting friends.”

Head Sommelier Stephan Nitzsche

The man in his late thirties, who grew up just outside Frankfurt, can look back on a picture-book gastronomic career: Residenz Heinz Winkler | Aschau, Red Bull Hangar 7 | Salzburg, La Mer | Sylt, Einstein | St. Gallen, Sansibar | Sylt.

After almost 4 years as wine manager at Sansibar, he left the north behind in 2021 and has been advising guests at the L.A. Jordan restaurant as head sommelier ever since.
And that’s not the only place he leaves his fingerprint! On top of this, he is responsible for all the wine lists of the gastronomic outlets belonging to the GmbH, namely the restaurants 1718, Riva and Sushi B.

His personality is definitely a great asset to the L.A. Jordan restaurant! He modestly accepts personal awards as “Top 50 Sommelier” in 2022 and 2023, always striving to further advance the gourmet restaurant in the overall ensemble of the GmbH.



Lea-Franziska Wolf

Lea-Franziska Wolf

Restaurant manager

…has been welcoming guests to the L.A. Jordan since 2021. Perfect service requires concentration and discipline. 

Our guests deserve perfect service!

Stepahn Nitzsche

Stephan Nitzsche

Head Sommelier

…joined the L.A. Jordan team in 2021 and since then has also been responsible for the overall development of the wine lists in all restaurants belonging to  Ketschauer Hof GmbH.

He prefers to spend his days off with his family. His three girls let him switch off quickly. Otherwise, the passionate Eintracht fan can also be found in the Frankfurt soccer stadium, olé olé!

I am not satisfied with "good". I don't want to stop getting even better.

Yannick Öffler

Yannick Öffler

Chef de Rang

…has been back at Ketschauer Hof GmbH since July 2023, now as Chef de Rang in the L.A. Jordan restaurant. He knows the hotel well, having been Restaurant & Banquet Manager at Restaurant 1718 from 2016 to 2018.

In his free time, the sports enthusiast follows Eintracht soccer matches, preferably on site together with the head sommelier.

I always wanted to be one of the best!

Max Jacob Acker

Max Jacob Acker

Commis de Rang

…a sociable guy who has been with us since August 2023
is part of the service team and brings a breath of fresh air.
His focus is on the jobs at the pass, making him the essential link between the kitchen and the restaurant.

He himself likes to let the wind blow around his ears outdoors, namely when biking in the forest on his enduro mountain bike.

Always grateful and satisfied for the life I am allowed to live.

Chiara Heimbrodt

Chiara Heimbrodt

Commis Sommelière

…has been supporting Stephan Nitzsche in all matters relating to wine since August 2023. 
But that’s not all, the wine lover also spends every spare minute helping out at the Adams Wein winery in Ingelheim.  

The best way for the bookworm to block out the noise around him is to read or do all kinds of crafts, such as pottery, knitting,…

My motto: Where there's a will, there's a way.

Lena Reichle

Lena Reichle


…has been part of the team since 2019 and is affectionately known as “temp number 1”. Why? Because she is reliable and always on hand when there’s a fire!
In addition to her work as a firefighter in the service, she studies Travel & Tourism Management full-time.

And when she’s not being called out on duty, the sociable whisk loves to be out and about with friends.

In vino veritas.


Daniel Schimkowitsch

Daniel Schimkowitsch


…has been his L.A. Jordan and the
Ketschauer Hof GmbH is loyal to the company. Values such as quality, success and humility define his work and activities. 

Whether for work or leisure, he needs speed – full throttle on the pots and behind the wheel.

I am immensely proud of my entire team! In 2023 a dream has come true: we are the first restaurant on the Wine Route with 2 stars!

Patrick Mairold

Patrick Mairold

Junior Sous Chef

…the Styrian was already part of the kitchen team in 2021. After a brief excursion to Switzerland, he returned to Schimkowitsch in 2022 and joined him on the path to the second star.
He is the poissonier of the kitchen, i.e. the professional when it comes to fish and seafood. Also the right hand (and occasionally the left hand) of the head chef and therefore deeply involved in the development of new recipes.

He clears his head in the fresh air, preferably by fishing (where else if you have a soft spot for fish).

The L.A. Jordan kitchen is outstanding in my eyes. A variety of products and high-end quality that is rarely found in Germany. I appreciate our team spirit of wanting to develop ourselves further - constantly.

Tatsuya Shimizu

Tatsuya Shimizu


…has been part of the team since 2019 and is responsible for the sweetness afterwards.

In his free time, he spends time with his family – his wife and two young boys.

I rediscovered the world of desserts for myself at L.A. Jordan.

Patrick Mann

Patrick Mann

Chef de Partie

…has been in the kitchen at Schimkowitsch since 2022 and has experienced the exciting development to the second star at first hand. He had previously spent a year warming up at Restaurant 1718, and the switch to Michelin-starred cuisine allowed him to mature and grow. As chef de partie, he is responsible for meat and side dishes.

When he has had enough of the pots and pans, the gregarious Palatine picks up his guitar in his spare time. Music lets him switch off.

Good bye to the daily grind! There is no boring routine at L.A. Jordan. I am constantly learning new things and developing myself further. I am challenged and encouraged here. Cool thing!

Marco Tardt

Marco Tardt


As the team’s head dishwasher, he is not afraid of mountains of porcelain or dishes. A “veteran”, with the company since 2012, and Daniel Schimkowitsch knows that he can rely on him. Every evening.

In addition to the L.A. Jordan, his heart beats for fast roller coasters.

I've been here for a long time, I like being here. There is no reason for me to question that.

Gisela Wollek

Gisela Wollek

Cleaning pearl

…has been part of the GmbH since 2011 and is responsible for order and cleanliness in the L.A. Jordan restaurant. Since then, her “men” have been unable to imagine the kitchen without her, and they all agree: “Only our Gisela is able to wash our aprons so brilliantly white and iron them so neatly. She is a pearl!”

I like the Jordan chefs and they like me! I prepare everything spick and span during the day so that the team can get started in the evening!