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UNESCO World Heritage Site – Cathedral in Speyer


…is pure pleasure in Speyer. Countless boutiques, varied fashion stores and department stores can be found in Maximilianstraße, Roßmarktstraße, Gilgenstraße, Korngasse and Wormser Straße.

And above the hustle and bustle, not far from the banks of the Rhine, the city’s landmark has stood tall and mighty for 1000 years: the imperial cathedral. It is considered the largest preserved Romanesque church in Europe and was the second German monument to be included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1981.

Other striking sights in the city include the Holy Trinity Church  with its original preserved wooden interior, the imposing baroque building of the Alten Münze and the western city gate, also known as the Altpörtel.

Museum lovers can also look forward to a wide range of attractions:

© Allan Francis unsplash

© Sven D unsplash