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Hiking & Stopping off

from Neustadt

The Sonnenweg is the ideal walk, especially from fall to spring, for all those
who long for light and warmth…


It es the best to park in the “Strohmark” parking lot.
The walk basically starts here.

We recommend a short detour into Neustadt’s historical city center before. To do this, start at the pedestrian traffic lights at Strohmarkt, where the upper main street/pedestrian zone begins: you will soon reach the mighty church Stiftskirche on your right, the landmark of Neustadt, with the largest steel bell in the world. Behind the church is the market square, lined with restaurants and cafés. Ask for the Hintergasse with the Gerberhaus, the Mittelgasse and the Elwedritschen fountain (named after Neustadt’s mythical creatures, the Elwedritschen). All within walking distance.

Neustadt’s charm can also be enhanced on a guided tour of the historic old town.

Back at the Strohmarkt, walk up the steps through the stone archway to reach Villenstraße. Take the stairway to the right of the school and pass the villas and gardens of the district “Haardt”. Having readched the top, do not turn right onto Haard. You keep left uphill, this is the beginning of Sonnenweg, which leads you passing the “Welschterrassen” park (you could also make a detour here).

If you continue along the Sonnenweg, you will soon be above the rooftops of Neustadt and will quickly recognize the town’s landmark, the mentiond church Sfitskirche, and other details discovered before in the town center. On a clear day, you have a panoramic view across the Rhine plain to the Odenwald forest opposite.

If you prefer a shorter walk, take the Sonnenweg to the end and return the same way.
If you want to extend your destination to the ruins of Wolfsburg, turn right at the end of the Sonnenweg and head uphill into the forest. After about 20 minutes of easy ascent, you reach the castle ruins, which are accessible. To return, we recommend taking the same route back via Sonnenweg, Treppenweg and Villenstraße to Strohmarkt.

Tour details
Difficulty: easy
Distance: 4.1 km or longer if you walk to Wolfsburg
Duration: 1 h or longer, depending on the route

Hiking map