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Careers at L.A. Jordan - Restaurant & Lounge

Service & Kitchen

Restaurant L.A. Jordan is the first 2-star restaurant on the Wine Route and enjoys an international reputation. You will work with us as part of a young and dynamic team and on top of that with high-quality products from all over the world. With us, you don’t stand still, but continue to develop. Because we learn from and with each other.

We are looking for the best. You!

At the L.A. Jordan restaurant you will be challenged. And also promoted from day one.  Discover your entry and development opportunities and all the great features that make working for us so special!

Your job – our amenities

  • With us, holidays like Easter, Whitsun and Christmas belong to you!
  • Enjoy 7 weeks vacation! The times are defined in advance and in consequence you can plan your holiday in advance.
  • Attractive 2-star salary level
  • You will be provided with high-quality work clothes from well-known manufacturers, which will also be cleaned and ironed daily.
  • High-quality and healthy staff meals with the team
  • Concentration on just one service time, namely in the evening
  • Fixed restaurant opening hours from Tuesday to Saturday
  • Whether it’s a menu in the restaurant or a small selection in the lounge, we remain true to our concept. We do not cook vegetarian or vegan dishes.

Your career – our support

  • Learn from the best! You can count on an excellent team and a job at a high professional level.
  • You are the foundation of our success: we offer various professional and positional development opportunities
  • Fun and know-how in one! We have a good time together on team trips and visit long-standing partner companies.
  • Work with us on our own L.A. Jordan events such as “Schimkowitsch meets…” or “Nitzsche & Friends”
  • With us you learn about wine by the way. How can that be? The head sommelier of the GmbH is your direct colleague. We include our three renowned VDP. Pfalz sister wineries. And last but not least: you are here in the Palatinate – a paradise for wine lovers!
  • The managing director will take time for you personally. Mentoring at your own pace and to your liking.
Deidesheim – Living & working in the young, up-and-coming Palatinate region
  • Well-established wineries and numerous gastronomic establishments have always characterized the image of the Palatinate. More and more, the so-called “young generation” is taking over family businesses, improving quality and modernizing the culture of going out. This attracts more and more 20-30 year olds to Deidesheim at the weekend, to the “young up-and-coming Palatinate”.
  • Work where others go on vacation! Climatically and botanically speaking: in the heart of Tuscany in Germany. And on the other hand, we are located right in the center, at the crossroads between Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, Heidelberg and Mannheim. And, quite charmingly, we have the beautiful Alsace on our doorstep!

Our Genussresort Ketschauer Hof offers you more than just a job!

Look forward to:

In the hotel & catering industry, there is naturally nothing that does not exist. We are diverse!
Guests from all over the world come and go with us. For our employees – regardless of their position – this means that we are open and welcoming to everyone. Gender, culture, religion, generation… it’s all the same to us.

In addition to the values that are important to us, such as quality, success, respect and humility, appreciation is at the forefront of everything we do. It’s about appreciation for our location, our products, our guests and most importantly: for our employees!
This starts with the welcome day on the first day of training, which also means a feel-good atmosphere in the workplace and friendly teamwork, and extends to appreciative feedback discussions with our Managing Director.
Every individual is important to us. And each individual is part of the success.
Or to put it another way: with happy employees, we can make guests happy.

Our company consists of two hotels and four restaurants, and we also work closely with our three sister wineries.
So we have room for personalities!

We encourage and challenge. This means that we support our employees in their personal development – adapted to their taste and pace. We are particularly successful in this thanks to the various outlets within our limited company and our three sister wineries. With this in mind, we can offer our long-standing experts who are looking for a great challenge , offer a variety of jobs and unlimited development opportunities beyond the GmbH. We support personal development with our “Switching” development model. Specifically, this means “Switchen” the change on a large scale, i.e. beyond Ketschauer Hof GmbH and over to the sister wineries. We will prepare you for this development process and are happy to support you.

Become part of our team!

Our benefits

You are an important piece of the puzzle in our team!
In return for your good job, we will show you appreciation and attention and offer you these specific benefits

Employees tell

Contact person

Contact the HR office via Whats App
quickly and easily via mobile: +49 (0) 151-40062051

Nicole Hochgesang

Or contact personnel officer Nicole Hochgesang
by phone: +49 (0) 6326-7000-36
E-mail: n.hochgesang@ketschauer-hof.com

Mia Oehm

or contact personnel officer Mia Oehm
by phone: +49 (0) 6326-7000-37
E-mail: m.oehm@ketschauer-hof.com

Ralf Ole Leidner

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Phone: +49 (0) 6326-7000-92
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